Ron M Smith's The Illustration Room

Full Colour Caricatures

Aberdeen caricaturist Ron Smith’s hand drawn painted subject eating 40th birthday cake plain background caricature gift
Scottish silver wedding anniversary by Aberdeen caricature artist RMS Illustrations plain background caricatures
Aberdeen Caricaturists London NHS Hospital Managers office works leaving caricature gift to South East Ambulance Service
Retirement group portrait gift from photos portraying office staff members of The London Grove Hotel.
Caricaturists hill walking subject playing guitar on top of a hilltop in North East Scotland retirement gift
Black and white hand drawn painted pen and ink caricature birthday gift for a Scottish Aberdeenshire farmer with a cartoon Ferguson Tractor.
Scottish caricaturists black and white Aberdeen wedding anniversary cartoon caricature gift rendered in pen and ink
Scottish caricaturists office work leaving present colleague surfing and dancing on surfboard cartoon pen and ink
Aberdeen caricaturists office works subject hill walking in North of Scotland retirement pen and ink gift
Pen and ink British Army Officer Barman pouring drinks behind English Barracks Mess Bar, caricature by Scottish caricaturist Ron Smith


Scottish Caricaturist Aberdeen, Scotland

Looking for that creative gift idea, but something a bit different, something with an unusual and unique twist? Then hunt no longer - help is at hand! Caricaturist and Illustrator Ron M Smith will create from your photos a personalised comical caricature portrait your subject (or you!) will be proud to show off. All caricatures are hand drawn and hand painted originals supplied ready for framing.